Arachos Pharma: realizing the potential of drug candidates for inflammation

About Us

We are small team of highly skilled drug discovery scientists with an proven track record of progressing drug discovery projects developed over 60 years of experience of working in big pharma.  We have a particular expertise and experience in working on drug discovery related to lipid mediator pathways.

We are dedicated to taking forward pre-clinical candidate medicines into focussed clinical proof-of-concept studies to establish their value.

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Arachidonic acid

Etymology: L, arachos, a legume of the ground nut family

An essential long-chain fatty acid that is a component of lecithin
and a basic material in the biosynthesis of a diverse range of lipid mediators.



We have a wealth of experience gained while working within the Respiratory area in GlaxoSmithKline, the pre-eminent pharmaceutical company in this therapy area.   Now  we have formed Arachos Pharma as a biotech devoted to the development of novel medicines to meet unmet needs of patients with inflammatory diseases.   We are based in a brand new, world class, Open Innovation Incubator facility on the Stevenage campus which is centrally located within the triangle formed by Oxford, Cambridge and London.